How is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Treated?

Complex regional pain syndrome, often abbreviated as CRPS, is a condition that can contribute to symptoms such as pain, sensitivity, swelling, and weakness throughout the body. Treating and managing CRPS can be complicated, and expensive. Patients may need to utilize a variety of different methods to address their symptoms and continue living with the condition. Depending on the part(s) of the body that have been affected and the severity of their condition, a person who has CRPS may require medications, therapies, and surgeries and other medical procedures to treat the ailment.

Medication Options

Medication is a good option for many people who are living with CRPS. There are multiple medication options available for CRPS patients, as the symptoms of this condition can vary widely. A doctor may prescribe muscle relaxers, nerve pain medication, general pain medication, or a local anesthetic to alleviate the pain of CRPS and manage symptoms.

Therapy Methods

Physical therapy can be a helpful method of managing CRPS symptoms. With physical therapy, a patient may complete exercises that allow them to increase the movement of an affected body part. Regular physical therapy can potentially alleviate pain symptoms as well. CRPS patients may also benefit from other forms of therapy such as acupuncture, heat therapy, or electrical nerve stimulation.

Medical Procedures

In some cases, a CRPS patient may require surgery or another medical procedure to treat their condition. One popular option for treatment is a nerve block. In this procedure, the function of a nerve or group of nerves is limited to decrease pain in the affected area. Surgical errors are also a common cause of CRPS, so these forms of treatment require careful consideration of the patient’s symptoms and other concerns.

The Cost of Living with CRPS

Although CRPS can be caused by many different factors, one possible cause of the condition is medical negligence. Treating CRPS — either with medication, therapy, surgery, home remedies, or other methods — can be expensive.

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