What are the Causes of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)?


Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a condition which causes extensive struggles for patients. Not only is this condition very painful, it can also impact a person’s mobility and cause other symptoms.

There is no single root cause of complex regional pain syndrome. It is a misunderstood condition that can result from many different types of injuries and illness.

If you have been diagnosed with CRPS, it’s possible that your chronic pain was caused by the negligence of another person. Attorney David A. Kates can evaluate the details of your case to determine the cause of your condition and identify any negligent parties that are at fault.

Causes of CRPS

There are two types of complex regional pain syndrome. CRPS type 1 is caused by injuries or illnesses that do not directly impact the nerves. CRPS type 2 occurs when an injury or illness damages the nerves.

Both types of CRPS can be caused by a variety of different incidents. Car accidents and work injuries are only a few examples of issues that can lead to both types of CRPS. Complex regional pain syndrome can result from any accident or condition that causes physical trauma or nerve damage.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Caused by Medical Negligence

In some cases, the cause of a person’s CRPS can be traced to medical negligence. Malpractice, particularly during surgery, is a common cause of complex regional pain syndrome. A doctor who fails to take the proper precautions or is negligent while operating on a person can make a mistake and cause an injury that leads to CRPS, or can damage the nerves and directly cause the condition to develop.

A person’s condition can also be worsened if they do not receive the medical care they need. A person who has complex regional pain syndrome may not be properly diagnosed due to the negligence of a doctor, and therefore would not be treated correctly. This type of negligence can cause a patient’s pain and damages to increase.

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