Are EMTs Liable for Medical Malpractice?

In New York, an emergency medical technician (EMT) can become liable for medical malpractice when negligence severely injures or kills a patient in their care.

This is an important aspect of medical malpractice law that most people don’t expect because EMTs are neither doctors nor do they treat a patient beyond providing life-saving or stabilizing care until the patient reaches a hospital. Even so, other medical professionals who aren’t doctors, such as nurses and dental hygienists, can all carry the same responsibility when making decisions and rendering care that can affect someone’s medical condition.

Common Examples of EMT Medical Malpractice

Like other medical professionals, EMTs go through rigorous training to learn how to render emergency medical care and life-saving treatment. As revered as EMTs may be as first responders who often save lives, the difference they can make can go in the opposite direction when negligence is a factor.

Common examples of EMT negligence that may be considered medical malpractice include the following:

  • Failure to control bleeding
  • Failing to properly intubate a patient
  • Improper application of a tourniquet
  • Failure to diagnose a heart attack
  • Failure to diagnose a stroke
  • Improperly moving a patient with a spine injury
  • Dropping a patient
  • Overdosing a patient with medication
  • Failing to render proper medical care
  • Failing to respond to an emergency

The consequences of EMT negligence to this degree can mean serious injury, permanent disability, and death for patients. If you or someone you love suffered such consequences as a result of an EMT’s negligence, you may have a legal claim to seek compensation.

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